man fulfilling IT staff augmentation services

IT Staff Augmentation

Increase your IT agility by leveraging one of our 500+ global field engineers when (and only when) you need them.

Global IT Staff Augmentation Company

Reduce the burden on your IT team and gain the agility and flexibility to scale up or down based on economic conditions, budget swings, or client needs with our IT Staff Augmentation services. Park Place can provide onsite resources to support short-term or longer-term IT initiatives, or remote technical resources for full-time or part-time needs.

Key Benefits of Information Technology Staff Augmentation

Park Place Technologies offers a full range of global IT staffing services for technical positions, from field engineers for data center infrastructure support to server/virtualization, network and storage engineers. Some of the key benefits that IT staff augmentation companies like Park Place Technologies can provide include:
  • Ease of Management
    • Contractors slot into existing structures like standard employees, allowing for easier management of resources.
  • Modularity
    • Integrate contract resources with existing business processes instead of trying to manage off-site or outsourced teams.
  • IT Team Relief
    • Reduce the burden on permanent workforce and reduce the rate of stress and absenteeism.
  • Sense of Urgency
    • Get the work completed when there is little to no lead time for a project.
  • Business Ops Agility
    • Scale up and down based on revenue upturns or client need without the associated payroll liabilities.
  • Simple Compensation
    • Pay-as-you-need. Simply pay the rate multiplied by the number of hours worked with no ongoing commitments.